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We keep your business safe with network security

Network and internet access is essential for all modern businesses, yet opening up your corporate network to the wider world also opens it up to potentially malicious users and automated ‘bots’. Your network security can come under two main types of attack:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) – a malicious computer (or group of computers) make a huge number of requests on your IT resources, so they are unable to serve genuine users
  • Data theft – a malicious user accesses data via your network for which they do not have the authority

ComplexITy will help protect you against these, and other, forms of cyberattack. This will always start with a rigorous analysis of your current IT infrastructure, so we can identify and repair any weaknesses in your virtual armour, and to ensure that our further security recommendations are completely tailored to your particular IT setup.

Firewalls: the first line of defence

Firewalls are barriers between separate networks, or between individual devices and the networks they connect to. Their purpose is to block any malicious traffic, and can therefore help defend against both DDoS and data theft cyberattacks.

However, firewalls need to be correctly configured in order to be effective – the ‘out of the box’ configuration could still leave your business exposed. We will make sure that both your network and device-level firewalls are correctly configured, to enable unimpeded network access with minimal risk.

Network Security

Protecting each device against viruses and spyware

It is all too easy for devices, particularly PCs, to get infected by viruses and spyware. They are both types of malicious software that have a detrimental effect on their host devices, the differences being:

  • Viruses aim to spread themselves rapidly between vulnerable devices over a network, damaging each machine by deleting data or interfering with their usage
  • Spyware is unwanted software which collects personal and usage information from its host device and secretly shares it with a third party via the internet – this could be confidential business information which is subsequently used for fraudulent purposes. It can also make unwanted changes to a device, such as changing the web browser’s home page, and can cause host devices to slow down or crash

There are a large selection of antivirus and antispyware solutions on the market. We will help you choose, procure, install, and configure the most appropriate for your IT setup, and ensure that it automatically updates itself.

If your business supports a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, we will also ensure that the non-corporate devices are secured to the same level as your dedicated corporate PCs.

Employee network security training

Even the most technically secure and robust IT setup can be compromised by users. For example, best practice suggests that two-factor authentication is implemented for remote system access. This is typically where a user needs to enter both a password, and a number generated by a portable security dongle. There is an obvious security risk if an employee writes their password on a piece of paper and stores this with their dongle.

The key to avoiding such situations is user education. We can deliver training to ensure that your employees follow security best-practice, and play their part in overall system security.

Every business is unique, so it is our pleasure to offer a free initial consultation to any prospective client who wishes to improve their IT systems. We will explore your specific circumstances and challenges, with a view to proposing the most appropriate solution.
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