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Business IT Support

Business IT support to keep your business up and running No matter what your size your business, your IT systems are crucial. Any downtime, however minimal, has an impact – from preventing your staff from doing their work, to alienating customers who may not give you a second chance. ComplexITy gives you the business IT support you need for your software and infrastructure when you need it, to ensure that any issues are promptly diagnosed and resolved, enabling your systems to run smoothly. We help keep SMEs lean You may feel that there is a compromise to be made regarding…

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Office IT Setup

Everything your office needs, as quickly as possible Setting up a new office is a stressful time. You want to get your IT in place quickly so you are not paying for unproductive space. However, you need to get it right as it will be much harder to make changes to your IT infrastructure with staff actively working there. Yet if you are not an IT specialist – or you do not have one in-house – the array of software and hardware choices for your office IT setup can be overwhelming. ComplexITy takes away the pain of office IT setup….

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