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Business IT Support

Downtime is a serious problem for all businesses, impacting both staff and customers. Our support packages ensure that any IT issues you face are rapidly diagnosed and resolved.

Office IT Setup

There can be an overwhelming set of hardware, software, and networking choices when setting up a new office. We can support you through the selection and setup of all these elements, to ensure that your employees get back to productive work as soon as possible.

Network Security

It is important for your network and internet access to be fast and reliable, but equally vital is security. We can set up the relevant technical features – firewalls, antivirus software, antispyware software – as well as train your employees in security best practice.

Procurement and Vendor Management

To choose the optimal IT solution, it is essential to consider the full lifecycle cost, as well as functionality. We can determine the relevant costs for each option - licensing, support contracts, running costs.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology has reached maturity, and can offer many benefits to businesses – improved security, reliability, and performance, with lower costs and easier maintenance. We can determine and implement elements of your IT setup that could benefit from cloud solutions.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

It’s easy to think hardware upgrades are required when systems perform poorly, yet often software is the real problem. We can ensure that your software is always maintained and updated, so you only pay for hardware upgrades when they are really needed.

Back up and Disaster Recovery

Robust, automated backup processes are essential for any business, to eliminate the risk of permanent data loss. We can implement these, alongside failover systems to minimise potential downtime. We can also help produce comprehensive disaster recovery plans.

IT Challenges

Effective IT systems are crucial to your business, but for non-IT specialists there are many potential stumbling blocks which can easily be overlooked. In this article, we cover key factors to consider when setting up a safe, robust, and performant IT infrastructure.


Every business is unique, so it is our pleasure to offer a free initial consultation to any prospective client who wishes to improve their IT systems. We will explore your specific circumstances and challenges, with a view to proposing the most appropriate solution.
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