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Business IT support to keep your business up and running

No matter what your size your business, your IT systems are crucial. Any downtime, however minimal, has an impact – from preventing your staff from doing their work, to alienating customers who may not give you a second chance. ComplexITy gives you the business IT support you need for your software and infrastructure when you need it, to ensure that any issues are promptly diagnosed and resolved, enabling your systems to run smoothly.

We help keep SMEs lean

You may feel that there is a compromise to be made regarding business IT support – on one hand, you appreciate the need for IT problems to resolved rapidly so that your business does not suffer, on the other hand, it may be uneconomical for your business to maintain a permanent on-site IT resource.

ComplexITy gives you the best of both worlds – rapid and thorough business IT support when you need it, without adding to your staff or contractor headcount costs.

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Contract Support

We offer a range of support options depending upon what best suits your business’ particular requirements, and we will make sure to discuss these with you so that you get the support you need within your budget.

For businesses where IT is mission-critical, such as online retailers, where each second of downtime represents lost revenue, contract support can be invaluable.

As well as the expected access to real-time assistance, this level of support features a strong proactive element:

  • We will work with you upfront to make sure that your IT setup is suitably robust
  • You will receive dedicated time with highly skilled member of ComplexITy each month to plan and review support arrangements
  • We will conduct proactive maintenance on your systems

We will work with you to determine the best support option for your specific requirements. Rest assured, we will not tie you into long contracts – we offer rolling agreements with short notice periods.

Support Packages

Our business IT support packages aim to offer SMEs everything they would expect from an on-site IT team, at lower cost and greater flexibility.

From our basic package offering unlimited remote support and weekly backup reviews, to our more advanced packages with onsite support and automated 24/7 monitoring alerts, we have a package to suit every business need.

Bespoke support arrangements and pricing

You may have more specific business IT support requirements, for example support for the duration of a particular project only. We are more than happy to discuss such requirements with you.

Every business is unique, so it is our pleasure to offer a free initial consultation to any prospective client who wishes to improve their IT systems. We will explore your specific circumstances and challenges, with a view to proposing the most appropriate solution.
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