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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions for company resources When internet connections were slower, most companies stored their software and data on physical servers located in the office. Today, the availability of high-speed internet has made cloud solutions available. Local servers can be replaced by remote servers located and managed anywhere in the world. Employees can then access these resources using secure internet connections. There are understandable concerns amongst businesses which have always used local servers to share resources. However, cloud solutions and technology have matured and they are very secure. In addition to offering employees more flexibility of location, cloud hosting offers several…

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Hardware and Software Upgrades

Choosing the optimal upgrade strategy Keeping your office’s IT systems up-to-date is about more than implementing a 5-year maximum hardware replacement cycle – although this is a good place to start. You also need to make sure all software upgrades are implemented on your PCs and servers. This will protect you from security vulnerabilities, and give you access to all functionality and performance improvements. You also need to decide which of the latest technological developments have the potential to enhance your business’ efficiency and effectiveness, and which are just likely to be costly fads. Cost is of course a primary…

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